JETSTREAM TRAILERS is for anyone who prefers a “Get up and go” camping experience and likes the idea of traveling light. They can be towed by smaller vehicles that would not usually be considered for towing duties. Our product adapts well to any outdoor sport whether its Cycling, Hunting, Fishing, or just spending time camping with loved ones.

Enjoy your getaway from the minute you reach your destination. Water, lights, gas cooker, built-in cooler box, and sleeping comfort are all immediately on hand. Each Jetstream is equipped with a full extra-length queen-size bed and loads of storage lockers. Perfectly suitable for any outdoor adventurist.

Jetstream is available in two models – the Classic and the XT. Both adapt well to any of our optional fittings.

Jetstream Teardrops are very, very versatile. They stay warm in winter, cool in summer and dry all year. Owners can enjoy the whole camping experience by setting up a gazebo and camp tables alongside, and when you think out of the box the practicality is superb. Going to a wedding or New Year’s party across town? Hitch up the Teardrop and sleep in your own bed at your host’s place rather than have to drive home. Running Comrades in the morning? Park your Teardrop near the start and get in a couple hours extra sleep. Doing the Argus? Sleep in the Jetstream Teardrop at the halfway mark on the drive to Cape Town, and then leave it at the finishing point for afterwards. You can spend time with your friends but come bedtime you can watch a DVD, drink hot coffee or cold beer then sleep like a baby in your own bed for eight hours. - Gavin Foster, SA Caravan 2013
  • Modern electronics.
  • LED lighting.
  • Built-in Sound System.
  • 50 Hours of constant off-the-grid usage.
  • Full Galley with gas stove, hand wash basin and running water.
  • Extra-length Queen Size Bed.
  • Abundant storage space.
  • Compact, can be stored in a single garage.
  • Light to tow.
  • Quick and easy to maneuver. Set up in 5 minutes.
  • Rugged, go-anywhere, galvanized chassis.
  • Insulated, marine fibreglass body.
  • Heavy duty axles and suspension.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Customize with add-ons to your specific needs.
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